Keeping Bear Cubs Alive

Bear Cub HuntingThis is my most recent letter, published in the Sacrament Bee, on the indiscriminate killing of wild animals. The NRA and its frontier allies are gearing up to deny wildlife officials in Alaska the power to prohibit killing bear cubs in their den. That’s right, the NRA wants to allow “hunters” to kill bear cubs in their den.

This is an assault on all of us, on our basic human values, on our responsibility as humans to preserve life on this planet. I want to emphasize that we humans are one with Nature, animals, plants, even (especially) microorganisms in the ocean, from whom we are blessed with life giving oxygen.

We are not separate from other living species. The Source for all living species is the same, whether one labels that source as God, infinite intelligence, eternal energy or just Mother Nature. That’s why killing bear cubs is an important public issue. Killing bear cubs kills a part of us.

We can speak out and be heard, and I urge all of you reading this to do so. Contact your congressional representatives with the message, “What kind of a person would advocate killing little bear cubs in their birth place (or anywhere else)?”

Remember, we do not own this planet. We are tenants in common with all living species. We are all made of the same stuff. We are One.

If you’ve got a copy of Bee, you can find the letter on the 8-25-17, Opinion page 13A or you can read it online here.

Many thanks and many blessings,