Here is what people say about Richard’s work:

Richard Turner with Dr. Wayne Dyer
Dr. Wayne Dyer and Richard Turner
“The words and images touched me at my soul”

“I spent hours in this enchanting collection. The words and images touched me at my soul, called me to my own awakening as well. So, so beautiful. Thank you, Richard.
Love, Wayne”

— Dr. Wayne Dyer, best selling author, internationally renowned speaker and featured on numerous National Public Television specials.

“gorgeous note cards”

Richard’s “gorgeous note cards…are a wonderful addition to my office.”

– Maria Shriver, former First Lady of California

“Today’s best bets”

“Today’s best bets: Celebrate Valentine’s Day by bringing your significant other to view ‘Natural Drama,’ nature photography by Richard Turner.”

Sacramento Bee


“should be recognized worldwide”

Richard’s “work should be recognized worldwide for its creativity and…superb vision.”

– Ted Sirlin, Sirlin Studios


“absolutely touches the heart”

Richard’s photography “absolutely touches the heart.”

– Carol Reilly


“absolutely touches the heart”

“The Light within you is shining through you for the rest of us.”

– Ronna Harrington


“absolutely touches the heart”

“This book tells me me what God is all about.”

– Bella H., 11 years old


“a masterpiece”

An amazing book…it’s a masterpiece.

– Fr. Tom Weston, Jesuit Priest and acclaimed international speaker


“a glimpse of nature at its best”

“Richard’s vision is a glimpse of nature at its best.” His “Gorgeous Greetings…show his dedication in capturing beauty and sharing it.”

– George Lepp, Field Editor Outdoor Photographer and Digital Photo


“this book is so beautiful”

“…this book is so beautiful.”

– Georgia Prescott, Senior Minister, Center for Spiritual Awareness


“A Treasure”

“Your book is beautiful…a treasure. The photographs…stunning, the words…insightful, the experience deeply moving.”

– Dewitt Jones, nature photographer, author and contributor to Outdoor Photographer magazine


And Many More…

“[My Path] will remain a treasured item for me for years to come.”“Beautiful…gorgeous images and wonderful poetry.”

“My kids love your book!”

“An amazing book…a masterpiece.”


“It is so wonderful that your work has blessed hurting and
frightened people in the hospitals.”

“I really, really, really love your book.”

“Your images remind me of Georgia O’Keefe, your poetry of Rumi.”

“Thank you for creating such a wonderful spiritual gift.”

“[Your work] made me instantly cry. I simply sat and enjoyed the
overwhelming feeling in my heart that brought tears to my eyes.
It was a glorious moment…”

“Exquisite, inspiring…”

“I have been touched by the Light and Spirit evident in the beautiful cover and insightful title and throughout the rich visual images and poetry. It is a wonderful gift.”

“…thanks for all you have done for our store.”

“I think of you every day when I turn a new page of your
beautifully inspired ‘Path’ at the office. All my patients love it.”

“The pictures are excellent, but the Spirit messages touched me deeply.”

“God helped you write this awesome creation.”

“A beyond-beautiful coffee-table book.”

“Our meditation circle was blessed by reciting your poetry and discussing it.”

“Your book is breathtakingly beautiful…the poetry speaks from the heart to the heart.”

“A tribute to your spirit and willingness to share your insight with others.”

“I have your book where I can see it each day and smile more for meeting you.”

“[My Path] is beautiful in so many ways.”

“Your book is stunning! I love your work. I love looking at the pictures and sharing them with my friends.”

“You are such an honorable human being.”

“Inspirational, renewed my spark of creative pursuit.”

“We have enjoyed your book immensely.”

“I keep [My Path] on our coffee table so I can read it often or show it off.”

“I love having your book. It means a lot to me. You are remarkable.”

“Thank you so much for the gift of your beautiful book. The photographs and accompanying words are enough to enliven any jaded heart.”

“Photographs poignant, wording clever.”

“Your photos really speak to me.”

“I will display this book in my home with pride. Your book is important.”

“You continue to set a high bar that keeps life interesting.”

“This book is so beautiful.”

“Enclosed is my check for the purchase of your New York Times best seller, also destined for a Pulitzer…”

“Superb, outstanding.”

“A remarkable work…”

“A fellow prayer circle member brought [My Path] to share after she saw you in person.”

“Your book is beautiful…both personal and universal. It’s a treasure. The photographs…stunning, the words…insightful, the experience…deeply moving.”

“How eloquently you write…”

“My Path will become a classic of spiritual literature.”

“Your work seems 2000 years old. Your thoughts expressed are so meaningful. You must have walked…with Jesus.”

“I give your wonderful book as a gift to my friends and family.”

“Beautiful work…we hope your book gives [our grieving friend] a way to walk a path that she can’t always see.”

“In just 80 pages, Turner distills his path into a simple message of tolerance, faith, and love and respect for all living beings.”

“Your book is radiant.”

“Every single thing about your book is the embodiment of Spirit working through you.”

“[My Path] speaks to me on so many levels. I keep it on the coffee table in my living room so I can share it with others.”

“Richard Turner is that rare artist whose photography and poetry are equally and powerfully expressive. Through his words and images, Turner contemplates his fascination with the natural world and his search for personal meaning within it. This is a book for anyone who finds both peace and place in nature, and for those who seek inspiration comfort, and spiritual renewal in Earth’s beauty.”

“You’ve done amazing work.”

“Richard, I spent hours in this enchanting collection. The words and images touched me at my soul, called me to my own awakening as well. So, so beautiful. Thank you Richard.”

“A rare work of art.”

“Thank you for putting your incredible gifts out into the world for everyone to enjoy.”

“…so much of what you write resonates very deeply within me.”

“The prose is every bit as beautiful as the photos, and I love the bits of humor you inject here and there,”

“The stunning photographs make us stop and look deeply.”

“We are grateful to you for a gift we will continue to enjoy through the years.”

“So many of the pages touched my heart, bringing so many memories of the natural splendors of nature and how it connects with spirit.”

“Your images are captivating…truly gorgeous.”

“…reminds me of O’Keefe.”

“I LOVE your book. It is truly a beautiful work of art, just like its author.”

“I love this book…beautiful and inspirational.”

“ It is difficult for me to find the words to express my appreciation for this exquisite book. What a lovely gift…”

“Proud of your message of peace and love.”

“Your book is fantastic…Thanks for your thoughts of inspiration.”

“I love your book. You are truly an inspiration.”

“Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world through [your book.] I’m savoring each page and am in awe of your amazing photos.”

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