This is what I believe.  We are all connected.  Eternally!

This is what I believe. We are all connected. Eternally!

I am 80 (almost). Some might say my time is limited. No, my time is unlimited.

Because time does not exist. Only this very moment, right here, right now. It is timeless. My existence is timeless. It is eternal.
Eternal Energy

Wishful thinking? I think not. The energy which brought my physical being onto this planet has been here forever, and it will remain forever. I am, we are, a conglomerate, a combination, a melding of interstellar dust, of interstellar stuff, molecular structures, chemical phenomena, the seeds and sustenance, and substance, of millions of years. Coming together in the miracle that is you.

I’m not going away. The Christians call this “eternal life,” and those are good words, but no one has a monopoly on God’s energy.

Indeed, we share the air, the dust, the miracles of Mother Nature, and the energy of the sun and Spirit, with everyone.

I love Jesus and his appointment as a prophet on earth, along with others whose divinity showered all of us with miracle grow: the Buddha (and his 8 fold path to peace), Gandhi (the most noble proponent of non-violence), Martin Luther King, Jr. (“We can only counter hate with love, not more hate.”), the hugging saint from India, Amma (“My religion is love.”) and thousands of others who have answered the call to show God’s grace and be witness to what could be in a world otherwise plagued by violence and greed.

So over millennia the energy of the divine connects us all to one another and to all species (even rocks), and because I believe this, I say we have a sacred obligation to protect and preserve all species, to see the divine in Nature and in each human being.

The divine (God if you prefer) is within, and we have in our souls the energy, the divinity, of living beings throughout the millennia.

It’s been passed along. It’s our inheritance. So my time is unlimited. Everything I need I have, right now, in this place, eternal life in this moment, and I have the inspiration to share my divinity, humbly knowing I am just a messenger of love and tolerance, with all my brothers and sisters, and the other animals, and the plants (our life-givers), and yes, even the stones.

Love is timeless. And so we are. And so it is.

Many thanks and many blessings,


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